Introducing Altars to Self.

Your guide to creating a powerful personal altar practice
as a sacred forum for 

Self Knowing,
Self Healing  
Self Expansion.






Introducing Altars to Self.

Your guide to creating a powerful personal altar practice
as a sacred forum for 

Self Knowing,
Self Healing  
Self Expansion.




Learn how to use personal altars as a cornerstone of your

spiritual and self-awareness practices.



A physical place where the divine and human worlds can interact

Merriam-Webster Dictionary


An intuitively known spiritual centre of a woman’s personality that gives  meaning to her life.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

 A guided spiritual practice that uses the ongoing physical creation of a personal altar as a forum to consciously engage with and deepen your sense of Self.




You’re a conscious, heart-led woman, who cares about the world and how you show up in it.

You know that tapping into your spiritual and emotional intelligence is the key to showing up fully as yourSelf.
And you’re prepared to do the work.

But when the outside world is so chaotic, it’s hard to stay grounded and centred in your truth.

You crave somewhere safe to land, to reconnect and anchor into your unique essence.

A sacred place where you can stop, reflect and feel into what’s really going on for you.

Your personal altar is a place you can do just this.

Bringing together creativity, intuition and soul-led guidance, your personal altar becomes
a constellation of energy that holds you steady, regardless of what’s going on around you.

Your personal altar is a place of beauty and depth that reflects the real you,
providing a sacred place to heal and expand your sense of Self.

Let me show you how.

I’m Rachel, author of Altars to Self, soul mentor, teacher, and writer at Earth to Self.

As a spiritual practice, personal altars are my thing. They unite creativity, intuition, Soul and Spirit into a tangible creation of beauty and depth. The act of creating a personal altar each month initiates a series of synchronicities, signs and insights of emotional and spiritual significance that guide me forward in life, opening me to new parts of mySelf. I reconnect daily simply by taking in its energy.

The guidebook Altars to Self captures the essence of my personal altar practice. It will take you on a deep inner enquiry, culminating in the creation of a personal altar that holds physical and energetic potency for YOU.

As a focal point, your personal altar enhances any type of spiritual practice you may already be undertaking (such as yoga, meditation, journaling, embodiment practices). If you don’t have a spiritual practice, then Altars to Self will help you to establish one.

Importantly, Altars to Self is a flexible and individual practice. This means you create, dismantle and recreate your altar regularly to hold and reflect your ever-changing inner experience. Your personal altar continually evolves just like you do.

What’s included in the Book?

  • The Altars to Self process; a step-by-step guide to creating a potent personal altar, including a guided meditation, art, journaling, embodiment and divination exercises.
  • Guidance for building an altar that physically anchors your inner experience in your everyday life.
  • How to choose and create a sacred space for your altar.
  • Ideas and inspiration for tools, objects and sacred items to include on your altar.
  • Ideas for staying connected to your altar and to your Self throughout the time period.
  • The all-important review and renew process where you’ll be guided to explore what has taken place and use this to inform your next personal altar and healing inquiry.
  • The value in creating altars regularly as part of your spiritual practice, rather than a one-off occasion.
  • How to align your altar practice to a cycle and timeframe; the key to amplifying your experience.
  • My personal story and experience working with personal altars for the last five years.



  •   The Altars to Self 65-page guidebook.
  •    A 12-minute Altars to Self Activation Meditation to initiate the focus of your personal altar creation.
  •   An Embodiment Meditation to show you how to gently process emotions and clear tension through the simple act of feeling sensations in your body.
  •   The Quick Guide, a simple summary of the key steps involved in the altar practice – save trees and print just a few pages for reference, instead of the whole book.



Rachel’s signature Altars to Self process is potent and rich. I found myself immersed in her writing, her story, and the unfolding of her unique journey using the altar practice. I was inspired to begin my own practice.

All I can say about the first experience is WOW! I crafted my altar in sync with the full moon and set an intention to release an old pattern that was limiting me in so many ways. The process was profoundly intentional. The altar I crafted following Rachel’s process felt so much more potent than previous altars I have created. The sheer power of the altar manifested the following day, after the full moon. I experienced a mini healing crisis for several days. I truly believe that old programming and limiting belief was transmuted and that was set in motion by this very simple, yet profound Altar process that Rachel has embodied and is now sharing.

Clancy Allen

Empowered Birth,

I am someone who is often distracted by the next thing; never going as deep as I could in areas I know I need to. Every day my altar reminds me of my focus, and helps me to ground my spiritual experience in an incredibly physical way. It always brings me back to my centre, and having that gentle guide throughout the month has created powerful shifts in my life.

The whole process has been deeply rewarding and enjoyable. I loved the creation of it, the subtle tweaks made throughout the month, the dismantling and review at the end, and then beginning the whole process again.

I feel like I have finally found the consistency I was longing for in my spiritual practice.

Christina Hira

Wild Dark Magic,

Altars to Self has helped to strengthen and support my efforts towards making spiritual practices a regular part of my routine.

It brings together and integrates a range of senses, such as visual, touch, and smell, depending on the materials that I choose to use in my altar. It also brings together different abilities – thinking, feeling, intuiting, creating – so it works on a number of levels and engages my whole being.

Jessie Surplice


I really like the prospect of using altars as an extension of my personal inquiry. I’ve made altars before but not in the way you have so generously shared. Your prompts have helped to deepen the process for me whilst building on my own instincts.

There’s richness and depth to the work you are inviting others to experience for themselves and it’s HONEST. You’ve inspired me a LOT.


Art Therapist,

Altars to Self showed me the power in creating an altar… bringing all my other practices together to create a more powerful realisation and shift. Plus, it’s so valuable to have a monthly devotion to me. Stephanie Raimundo

Art Therapist


What is a personal altar?
A personal altar is a physical place, usually a raised surface, where objects and items of personal and spiritual significance are arranged. It is a sacred place that you go to, to connect with the divine source of your existence and to engage with and care for your personal and spiritual evolution
I already use a personal altar. How is Altars to Self different?

Excellent! The main difference with the practice outlined in Altars to Self is that you regularly create, dismantle and recreate your personal altar as part of your ongoing spiritual practice. You create it to hold and reflect your current phase of growth and then use it as a focal point for all your spiritual and personal development activities.

In this way, it’s a highly focused and intentional practice. Each personal altar you create is a physical and energetic constellation that helps you to bridge the gap between your inner experience and the reality of your life.

What does the Altars to Self practice consist of?

You choose a very specific intention – something you wish to explore and get clarity on – then you undertake a series of inner processes to gain insight and guidance, including the customised Altars to Self activation meditation, art and journalling exercises, embodiment and divination. Your personal altar is then created to become a physical and energetic representation of your inner experience.

You then work with your personal altar within a short time-frame, usually in alignment with a cycle, before dismantling and recreating a brand new altar.

What will I get out of working with a personal altar?

A personal altar is a tool to help you connect to – and dialogue with – that which is sacred within you: your own individual and unique expression of the divine.

Altars are a powerful way to:

  • Deepen your relationship to yourself
  • Establish a powerful connection to your inner spiritual centre
  • Enhance personal and intuitive awareness
  • Listen to and trust your own inner guidance
  • Process and integrate difficult emotions
  • Make sense of challenges
  • Provide space for self healing
  • Create structure for your spiritual practice
  • Strengthen your creative expression
  • Unite your inner world with your outer reality
How will Altars to Self be delivered after I purchase it?

You’ll receive the Altars to Self guidebook as a PDF file in an email, which you can read on your computer or send to a phone, tablet, or Kindle.

Your bonuses will be sent via email also. Meditations will be delivered in an MP3 format.

What payment options do you accept?
I use PayPal to take payment, which means that you can use your PayPal account or a credit card in whichever currency you prefer.

I’ll show you how a personal altar practice can help you consciously connect to the deepest and truest YOU.


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